Paula Marques

Executive Director For Business
Transformation, Executive Education
Nova School of Business
and Economics

Paula Marques is Director for Business Transformation, Executive Education at NOVA School of Business and Economics. Previously, she was the Head of Innovation at MERCER. Paula was also the Executive Director for Custom Solutions at Porto Business School. Her current research is focused on three major projects: (i) the “How Humans Learn?” project (which pools, among others, research from neuroscience, sociology, anthropology, psychology and biology), and (ii) the “Super-Humans” project (which skills and competences should Human Beings develop in order to work side by side with machines? and (iii) the anthropology of creativity (how can we restore the levels of Human creativity that have eroded in recent decades). Her academic background is in Economics and she also has extensive experience in auditing & consulting (previously worked at PwC) and on private equity and investment banking. Paula is also an author. In 2018, she launched (with Ricardo Cayolla) “The Age of Super Humans” book.