Be the Change Your Company Needs: Why HR Directors Need to Learn Too!
Be the Change Your Company Needs: Why HR Directors Need to Learn Too!

As Learning and Development Director, one of your biggest concerns is helping others in your company to continually learn and develop. But do you give yourself the same opportunity? Becoming a part of a learning community is a great way to simultaneously increase your knowledge, stay innovative, and inspire yourself. And in doing so you will be putting your best foot forward as a “learning-oriented” Learning & Development executive. The MERIT Leadership Community (MLC) provides ways for you to engage in and learn about new frontiers of learning & development internationally, and most importantly, to help you better enact change and drive motivation within your organisation.

Inspire change within your organisation

Finding inspiration through new ideas and models will permit you to create initiatives aimed at effectively enhancing employee motivation, setting the tone for change and innovation in the workplace. By prioritising your own craving for new information and knowledge, you can more successfully organise and implement programmes for learning & development within your company. Your employees will benefit directly from any personal educational strides you make yourself.

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Collaborate and benchmark with peers

Your role in successfully implementing learning agendas is key to the success of your company. This can be both stressful and rewarding. By becoming a part of a learning community, you open up a whole new network of like-minded peers who understand your challenges. This offers you the opportunity to collaborate with other learning leaders, make the most of your own in-house talent, and gain insight into what other firms are doing to maximise performance. Step out of your environment for a while to meet, mingle with, and learn from your peers from leading global companies.

Efficient way to stay informed

It can be challenging to monitor the changes and innovations in the industry as well as finding the time to study and evaluate them and strategise about which will make a difference in your company. A well organised and planned community brings together the right professionals, information, and avenues to permit you to plan and engage and get back to your usual projects, but also to innovate. There is no way to avoid having to take the time to invest yourself in the constant evolution of digital capabilities and new insights about the future of leadership & learning. But by being part of a learning leadership community, you will have set up an organised and systematic approach to staying relevant to the trends. Everything you need to stay informed is within your community and respectful of your time constraints.

Engage with thought leaders

Take the opportunity to come face to face and interact with some of the most prominent thought leaders worldwide. Become more motivated through discussions led by some of the industry’s most influential idea generators who are at the forefront of business innovation. MERIT provides an exclusive network of executive thought leaders, helping you explore the newest trends of learning organisations, such as agility, community, inclusiveness, wellness, emotional intelligence, leadership, and creativity in the workplace. Get the knowledge you crave from professionals whose ideas will change the way you approach Learning & Development  leadership.

Learn to navigate digital transformation

In an era of fast-moving technology, there is no doubt that the changes businesses will see in the near future will further transform day-to-day operations. Become a vector for change as people are required to adjust how they conduct business in order to remain competitive. Knowing how to successfully adapt, and accommodate new technological and digital innovations, and navigate the human workforce in times of digital transformation is an invaluable asset. This requires a system approach, interdisciplinary knowledge, and the diversity of expertise and perspectives that you can find in a well-designed learning community.

Leaders make leaders

The most effective leaders are constantly striving for empowerment and growth, which translates into their employees doing the same. You are positioned to encourage leadership at all levels, for managers and associates alike, allowing everyone to become an active problem-solver working with others to see the best results. You need opportunities to interact with other leaders and experience different types of leadership in international and diverse situations.

Get creative

Creativity is the space where we often formulate our most impactful ideas and decide how to put them into practice. Getting away from your usual environment and experiencing creative space allows you to process how to best bring fresh and exciting techniques about learning & leadership back into the workplace. Seeing things differently and challenging yourself gives clarity about what is necessary for you and your company to incorporate into future practice for a successful and stimulating work environment. MERIT values and promotes creativity.

Stay connected

Stay connected year-round with your peer network. You can chat with or initiate workgroups around topics important to you. The MLC online platform will also give you access to research, reports, videos, podcasts, and web resources at your convenience. Experiencing continued support and collaboration with other Learning & Development professionals and learning experts can significantly enhance your performance and effectiveness.

Join MLC now

Being a part of something big, targeted, and engaging will further empower you in your role as a Learning & Development director. Being a member of a supportive and nurturing professional community is not only a good choice for you and your organisation, to stay abreast of latest trends and take your teams through change, but imperative for your own personal growth, to make you an even greater asset to your company. Experience all MERIT has to offer and bring adaptation and innovation to your company every day.

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Gabrielle Kerins, MERIT Digital Author