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Our Mission

MERIT is a unique gathering of the most prominent international Business Schools and Human Resources Directors of companies from different industries to share insights, challenges and success stories in the corporate learning and people development realm.

Our mission is to bring knowledge from business and educational leaders in order to empower individuals and organisations to develop their human capital and achieve their strategic objectives.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, HR leaders are at the forefront of ensuring safety and care for their organisations’ teams, swift transition to remote work, and human touch and strategic support in these turbulent times. This is a period of intensive learning and upskilling for all – leaders and employees.

MERIT continues to connect the brightest minds and thought leaders of business and executive education, HR, and L&D to share solutions and lessons learnt while the world is getting to a new normal.

Our sponsors and partners


  • Jerry Pico

    Senior Director Learning And Development Europe

    Daiichi Sankyo Europe Gmbh

  • Sabine Weishaupt

    Chapterlead Future Leadership Design

    Deutsche Telekom

  • Alex Baggerman

    Head of People Development & Reward


  • Rachel Maguer

    Director of Marketing and Business Development

    ESCP Europe

  • Oliver Olson

    Director Global Education Programs

    Maastricht School of Management Romania

  • Pascale Goy

    Head of Learning and Development


  • Christophe Vanden Eede

    Global Head of Talent Management


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