Infinite Learning Organizations in the Age of AI

16-Jan-2019 10:55 - 11:10

How to anticipate disruption and act accordingly is one of the current main challenges each executive has to face at some point  However, there is no “fast-food” recipe to cope with this challenge: no matter what your approach is as an organisation – “wait and see”, launching new ventures, or even setting up a separate innovation unit altogether – the chances are that not a single choice of isolated initiative is going to truly insure you against disruption. When it comes to innovation, disruption, and sustainable growth, executives cannot anymore look at the future as an extrapolation of the past. The mindset and corporate culture they must develop has to be geared towards creating an “infinite learning” operating system, the foundation for growing a “future-proof” organisation.


Ivan Bofarull
Director of Global Insights and Strategic Initiatives , ESADE Business School
Ivan Bofarull is the director of Global Insights and Strategic Initiatives at Esade Business School, where he also teaches strategy & innovation in Executive Education programmes. He is co-director of The Journey to Business Transformation, an..
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