The Black Box of Teams

16-Jan-2019 16:30 - 18:00

“People who work together add up their potential. People who work for each other multiply their potentials!”
  • Steffen Kirchner, professional mental coach, author, motivation expert, and top speaker in the business world (born in 1981)
When working with managers, we have noticed that a certain topic is becoming more and more important. Perhaps it has always been important, but recently “teams” have been the talk of the town. This concept, simply understood as a source of agility and innovation, not only relates to team building, but also strongly focuses on the competencies and strengths of each individual and the resulting composition of skills in a group. What is more, people also take on specific social roles in team settings.

With all of this in mind, strategic team composition is aimed precisely at connecting perfectly suited people. Decision-makers have to learn that with each successive new project, teams should be newly created. A project can only be effective if complementary skills are combined. We know from practical experience that projects are often handled in so-called “core teams”. This means that the work is resource-oriented and takes up ideas, but not the essence of teams, i.e. social roles and diverse skills. Plurality falls victim to structural organisation. In the worst case, this can lead to a loss of energy and motivation.

So if teams can contribute to a successful outcome, it is worth taking a closer look and discovering what can be done at all levels of an organisation (strategic, cultural, and structural) to strengthen teams!

In our interactive workshop we will discuss the topic of team dynamics, social roles, and individual competencies. You will uncover what it is that sometimes makes it so difficult to act in teams, and will leave with know-how on establishing a more effective team composition. Of course, this will all take place in the usual form of a challenge!  


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