How to Think Historically like Great Leaders Do

16-Jan-2019 16:30 - 18:00

We live in an amnesic, egocentric society that considers itself the starting point of a completely new era and that despises the past as something gone and irrelevant to modern concerns. The 21st century leader, it is assumed, must be a forward-looking person, familiar with agile methodologies and disruptive technologies such as AI, and therefore should not waste time looking backwards. These assumptions are completely embedded into our education systems, recruitment programmes, and careers models. And yet, research shows that all of them are fundamentally flawed. Relying on the latest discoveries in cognitive and behavioural sciences and the examples of figures like Kennedy, Obama, and Bill Gates, Dr Rubio demonstrates how our understating of the past plays a key role in our decision-making, determining the way we make sense of present challenges, solve problems, and anticipate the future.


Diego Rubio
Executive Director , Centre for the Governance of Change of IE University
Diego Rubio is Professor of Practice at IE University and the Executive Director of its Center for the Governance of Change, an applied-research institution that help companies, governments and multilaterals to understand, anticipate, and manage..
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