What are the Necessary Foundations for a Learning Organization of the 21st Century?

17-Jan-2019 10:55 - 11:10

Organisations and individuals are tasked to learn new skills and adopt new behaviours in a constantly changing and dynamic environment. Unfortunately most of us do not like to live and work in a VUCA world and we prefer consistency, safety, simplicity, and clarity. How can we best navigate through this challenge? Training the muscles of collaboration and empowerment proved to be the way forward, provided we set the right foundations. Let's explore together the best-kept secret to build the learning organisation of the 21st century.


Carlo Giardinetti
Dean of Executive Education and Global Outreach, Franklin University Switzerland
Carlo Giardinetti is an expert practitioner of self-organisation principles and a certified Holacracy Facilitator. After a career as a professional soccer player in Italy, Carlo moved into a fast-advancing career in the hospitality..
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