Bridging Knowing and Doing in Teaching Management

17-Jan-2019 13:50 - 14:10

Many companies use digital technology to support their people in developing their skills. Surveys show that the vast majority have implemented e-learning courses to train their managers. However, when they are asked about their experience, L&D professionals mainly report the poor usage rates and modest interest of managers. When we ask users we get even worse evaluations. How can we address the issues of management development? Can we improve engagement with on-demand learning? How can we benefit from behavioural science or gamification? How to upscale for larger management populations? In my presentation I challenge some outdated ways of thinking and offer alternatives to intrigue a self-driven appetite for learning. I share insights about how some clients have approached their leadership development challenges and successfully implemented a mobile learning solution.  


Robert Dobay
Co-Founder, Act2Manage
Dr. Robert Dobay is an influential business thinker, Interim Manager and coach who bravely goes against the mainstream and challenges conventional leadership and business practices. He has unique experiences in business and leadership development,..
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