Embracing Today’s Digital Transformation: Driving a Culture of Learning

17-Jan-2019 9:00 - 9:20

Closing skill gaps and ensuring modern learners evolve with the changing demands requires new approaches within L&D teams and organisations. Encouraging learning through new engagement tactics, adding value by mapping the flow of work needs, and driving curiosity across communities are just a few ways an organisation can support embedding learning in all aspects of the work environment. During this session, Tiffany will discuss these key components and technological advances that will enable a “culture of learning” and help L&D professionals meet the demands of modern learners.  


Tiffany Poeppelman
Head of Sales Productivity, EMEA, LinkedIn
Tiffany Poeppelman is an innovative leader in the tech industry, professional speaker, and column writer who inspires people to think differently about how to optimise future business opportunities with the changing requirements of a global..
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