Differentiating Education and Development for Top Talent

17-Jan-2019 14:40 - 15:10

Jerry leads the learning, leadership and talent portfolio for the European subsidiary of an established Japanese pharma company. The parent company made a strategic decision to radically change its business model over the next two years. This new strategy will change the company’s business model, culture, and organisational structure and will likely impact the workforce in ways that are not yet clear. The uncertainty and ambiguity of the situation is making people uneasy, and retention of high performers could be an issue. The challenge is twofold:
  1. how to distinguish between “high performers” and those who are “high performers with potential” (both top and emerging talent) to make a major difference for the company and enable it to navigate this transition to a successful future
  2. and how to differentiate their education and development so that the different clusters can maintain a high level of engagement. 
Join Jerry in this very real and current challenge, and engage in a lively discussion! Some additional questions we have had to answer:
  • We are very successful now, so why do we have to change?
  • How are we defining potential?
  • What criteria can we use to identify our top and emerging talent?
  • How will we identify and develop our top and emerging talent?
  • How will we continue to engage and motivate our high performers who are not identified as top talent?


Jerry Pico
Director of HR Development for Europe, Daiichi Sankyo Europe
Jerry Pico is a strategic learning, leadership and talent management executive who is passionate about developing people, and the organisational capabilities to support them. He has led numerous culture change initiatives in three global..
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