A Powerful Purpose is Heaven. Finding yours shouldn't be Hell.

15-Feb-2019 15:45 - 17:15

Purpose is not a marketing statement; it has the power to turn your company into heaven on earth. It is the anchor for organisations in the rough seas of uncertainty. It is the beacon that guides your ambitious growth plans through unpredictable situations. It is the key to bringing everyone together on the same journey towards a successful business. Often companies and individuals are left alone and without clear, practical guidance to find their true, sustainable, authentic, impactful, inspiring purpose. Finding your powerful purpose should not be hell. At this workshop you will learn how to:
  • Create an intimate understanding of the company’s direction, where everyone cooperates passionately
  • Focus every aspect of the business towards clear and common goals
  • Create meaningful, happy, fulfilling workplaces where all collaborate, inspired by an ultimate purpose that is bigger than themselves
  • Replace private agendas with a clearly shared, inspiring vision.


Martina Willis
Chief Visionary Officer, The Rao Institute
Martina Willis is a consultant for the Rao Institute, specialising in corporate development and strategy. She delivers profound insight with a mindful and human centred touch to attune the organisational “DNA” for success.Originally..
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