“Never Stop Learning” - A Learning Challenge for Top Executives

17-Jan-2019 15:10 - 15:40

Santander leaders globally are facing two challenges: business transformation, which will allow them to become more relevant for our customers, and cultural transformation, which will allow them to reconnect with themselves and their teams. To do so, they have to adopt a digital mindset that will enable them to collaborate, connect, and co-create, and they also need to be accountable for their own learning and development path. In 2018 we have designed a new training plan for top executives which aims to create an environment for continuous learning. We suggest a journey in four stages where leaders can focus on different themes – people and new generations, new ways of working and business models, the new normality, and their new “self”. Throughout the entire journey, they can accumulate new experiences while making the most of tried-and-tested initiatives. The journey is a chance to transform our top leaders while also transforming the business.


Elisabetta Galli
Global Director of Knowledge, Development & Talent Management, Banco Santander
Elisabetta Galli has been Global Director of Knowledge, Development & Talent Management at Banco Santander since March 2017.With an academic background as a clinical psychologist, Elisabetta has developed a 25-year career in Human Resources,..
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