Human inside!

16-Jan-2019 14:40 - 14:55

In my MBA in the mid-'90s, a famous professor of entrepreneurship taught me at the beginning of the very first class that “at the end of the day, only the bottom line matters”...  I have dedicated my professional life to running my company and developing an intuitive approach to entrepreneurship education, designing and animating incubation programmes of different kinds, and advising companies in their efforts to catalyse entrepreneurial and collaborative dynamics. Business modelling is one of my specialities and I measure the difficulty inherent to growing a company. However, I disagree with the statement of my former professor. I am eager to share with you a different entrepreneurial perspective, in which at the end of the day only the human beings inside the company and outside matter. I believe that we are crucially challenged in our ability not only to learn and collaborate, but also to achieve… with “fairness”.   With this talk I hope to challenge certain entrepreneurial and corporate myths, and to bring new inspiration to your projects and organisations. 


Charles Fouché
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy , Neoma Business School
Mr. Fouché, is both an entrepreneur and a highly sought-after professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategy at the MBA and Executive level in several highly regarded French institutions including Neoma Business Schools and ESCP EUROPE. He works..
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