The Gift of a 50-Year Long Career

17-Jan-2019 14:15 - 14:35

Professional transitions are becoming more commonplace, socially acceptable, and even recommended. In order to advance in their careers, workers from the outset forge varying paths to enable these transitions. They may study a Master’s, switch countries or organisations, etc. However, after 25-30 years of work experience, it is not always easy to deduce what is the next wisest professional step. It’s important to dedicate time to considering these important and sometimes risky career changes. If the person is clear about their goal, it’s easier for professionals to start afresh and take the appropriate decisions and steps necessary.


Teresa Martín-Retortillo
Executive President of IE Exponential Learning, IE University
Teresa Martín-Retortillo is the Executive President of Executive Education at IE University since September 2016. She also leads innovation in open programs both on-line and face to face. Prior to that, she was senior vice president of..
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