Developing Intrapreneurs to Create a Culture of Innovation @Bayer

16-Jan-2019 13:50 - 14:10

Companies are increasingly turning to intrapreneurship as a viable innovation strategy. This means tapping into your most entrepreneurial employees and developing them into top innovators that can go way beyond just design thinking and creativity sessions. Jan Kennedy, CEO of the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE), will reveal key lessons learned, within Bayer and other corporates, on how they have scaled their intrapreneurship development activities. Jan will dive into how HR functions can recruit, develop, and retain intrapreneurs who can create 100 times more value than typical employees and create a culture of innovation. From assessing intrapreneurial personality traits to offering mentor guidance on real innovation projects and creating sustainable training systems, this talk will leave you inspired and informed about HR’s role in scaling innovation.


Jan Kennedy
CEO, Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE)
Jan Kennedy is an expert in intrapreneurship programme design. As CEO at the Academy for Corporate Entrepreneurship (AfCE) he oversees the design and implementations of various intrapreneurship programmes covering different stages of the innovation..
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Henning Trill
Head of Corporate Innovation , Bayer AG
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