[Workshop] Integrated Talent Management and Sustainable Careers

9-Sep-2021 12:00 - 13:00

With pension ages going up all over in Europe and burn-out numbers on the rise, sustainable careers are a hot topic. More than ever, a career has become a marathon rather than a sprint. We see a tendency in organisations to claim that employees are in part responsible for their careers and development. In many cases however, this remains philosophy rather than practice. Company culture, HR processes and tools are still built on a traditional approach to the career. How can we turn this around?  What does it take for organisations and employees to engage in qualitative career discussions and reach a win-win situation? We will be looking into topics like:
  • What is a sustainable career?
  • How can we get people to self-manage their career?
  • How do we integrate individual careers into our strategic talent management approach?
  • What is the role of HR and management in the topic of careers?


Lesley Vanleke
Co-founder , TalentLogiQs
Lesley Vanleke is co-founder of TalentLogiQs, a spin-off of the University of Antwerp, specialised in Career and Talent Management Intelligence and tools for talent forecasting, qualitative career dialogues and better talent decisions.Lesley Vanleke..
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