Why Mentorship and Sponsorship Programs Are Even More Important in a Hybrid Work Environment

16-Jun-2022 14:00 - 14:30

Leaders have a responsibility to represent and advocate for high-potential employees. With so many employees worldwide now working remotely, it is easier for high-potential employees — especially women and minorities — to become lost in the shuffle. When companies operate outside of the traditional office model, access to senior leaders is more limited due to geographical and technological boundaries. It is incumbent upon leaders to identify a diverse body of employees who need exposure to ensure that they are given the opportunity to move up the career ladder. In a hybrid work environment, mentorship and sponsorship programs should become an integral part of your L&D strategy. Moreover, research shows that Sponsorship is the one strategy that really moves the needle toward creating diverse, high-performing leadership teams.


Sarah Harmon
Global Growth & GTM Executive, Speaker,
Servant Leader, Board Member,
Named one of the “100 Most Respected Executives” in Spain for the past three years by Merco, Sarah Harmon has more than 25 years of international experience focused on Internet and digital media solutions in various professional sectors...
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