Grace Abella-Zata

IRC Institute

Grace Abella-Zata is CEO of the IRC Institute, a global community of leading executives, advisers, academics, and members of one of the world’s top five executive search networks, IRC Global Executive Search Partners.  In this capacity, she has worked with thought leaders around the world to share ideas, knowledge, and content that promote good leadership practices across national and cultural boundaries.

She brings to the table both a global perspective and a regional perspective from Southeast Asia, which is one of the most dynamic growth areas in the world. In her country, the Philippines, she is President of Corporate Executive Search Inc., a pioneer in executive search.

She is a facilitator for Strategic Planning, Executive Teambuilding, and Leadership EQ, and has taught courses in Organisational Psychology and Human Resource Planning and Acquisition.

Grace was the 2009 President of the People Management Association of the Philippines, and has played a key role in major research undertaken by the association, including the creation of a competency framework for the president of the Philippines.


The Talent to Innovate Vs. the Talent to Process

17-Jan-2018 9:40 - 10:10