Eric Lee

Senior Learning Innovator
Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (an institute of the Singapore University of Social Sciences)

Eric is Senior Learning Innovator at the Institute for Adult Learning. He believes that digital transformation is only fully optimised when learning is ubiquitous. He is also a believer of natural learning, where learners are motivated instrinsically, just by the reward of the application of new skills and knowledge, to realise something greater. Eric leads learning innovation initiatives at iN.LAB, an initiative of SkillsFuture Singapore and IAL, including the competitive learning innovation challenge grant, InnovPLUS. He has been involved in national human capital development policy advisory, WSQ competency standards, curriculum and courseware development, Adult Educator community development and research in careers and talent, across transnational corporations with operations in Asia. Most recently busy with the curation of learning technologies and innovations to enable better learning by working adults, Eric is excited by the unprecedented times for all educators now, afforded through technology, AI, machine learning and the expansive recombinations of such technologies to personalise and optimise learning. Eric holds a Masters in Lifelong Learning from University College London (UCL), and has a background in psychology and economics from the National University of Singapore (NUS). In his free time, Eric is enslaved to his three growing children and occasionally dabbles in Asian cuisine.


Moderator: AJ Boelens,Managing Director,Human Inc

3-Jul-2019 15:30 - 16:15