Paul Gimenez

Director of Mentora Labs
Mentora Institute

Paul is the Director of Mentora Labs at Mentora Institute (formerly the Institute for Personal Leadership, or IPL) an organisation dedicated to unifying science and technology to help people reach their fullest potential.

Paul helps organisations build immersive training experiences rooted in 21st-century science. His innermost calling is to synthesise interdisciplinary science to uncover truths of human nature that can help people, organisations, and societies learn, grow, and prosper as effectively as possible.

Prior to joining IPL, Paul served the NeuroLeadership Institute in corporate consulting and

research. Before entering the private sector, he conducted neuroscience and psychological research at Stanford University, Columbia University, UC Berkeley, and UC San Francisco. His work at these institutions focused on learning and development, emotion regulation, the neural basis of human morality, and decision-making.

In addition to his work in people science, Paul has been an actor and musician since childhood and regularly performs in the US as the lead vocalist of his band, Hello Halo.