Camille Gillon

Head of Human Resources Management,
Building & Facilities
Belfius Bank

After a first career in financial services, Camille Gillon transitioned to HR, rising to head of Change Management at AXA and then head of Human Resources Management at Belfius, a role she has now served in for two and a half years.

In 2019, Camille won the HR Manager of the Year award in Belgium for her work at Belfius. She started the Drive 2020 strategy to prepare her company for the profound transformations affecting the banking sector. Drive 2020 encompasses a range of initiatives, including a feedback mechanism that increased employee engagement and satisfaction, learning expeditions, a new training programme for managers, and a more agile work environment. Camille is also a speaker at HR conferences.

Camille’s broad, cross-functional experience in corporate strategy, business development, employee performance optimisation, IT systems design, operations, and finance allows her to not only design innovative projects but also to implement them successfully. With her holistic approach to HR, she has consistently transformed processes and culture with significant financial impact.