Laurent Hamel

Chief Learning Officer
Microsoft France

Laurent Hamel is Chief Learning Officer at Microsoft France. His mission is to implement the learning strategy and operations that aim to develop employee, partner and customer skills on Microsoft technologies.

“Anticipating skills that are needed when the economy changes gears, requires that each individual and organization adopt a resolutely intentional approach to personal development. To succeed, emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, virtual or mixed reality and much more can facilitate personalized and immersive learning experience. Continuous learning and contributing to communities are a must to upskill, reskill, reorient and maintain employability and professional fulfillment. The opportunities will only outweigh the challenges, if we rediscover the pleasure, devote time and create new rituals of learning... As Chief Learning Officer at Microsoft France, my mission is to facilitate this cultural change within the company and in our ecosystem to contribute through learning to realize Microsoft's ambition: that every person and every organization on the planet can achieve more.”

Prior to joining Microsoft Worldwide Learning, Laurent developed broad marketing experience at Microsoft and with global IT software editors and hardware vendors including Compaq and HP.