Stephanie Fastre

Regional Lead, Talent
Management EMEA

Stephanie Fastré has 25 years of psychology, people and organisational development experience, firstly in a professional acting career, followed by nearly two decades in corporate Learning & Development and Talent Management.

Her strengths lie in working with executives and leaders on achieving their business goals by developing their people capabilities, by focusing on their organisational design and approaches, on workforce and people management, innovation and creativity.

At Google she helped build and sustain effective cultures of learning, innovation, creativity, and community to all levels of employees. She is well-known for creating unique innovative business solutions - she is the kickstarter of Google’s acclaimed globally scaled community of learning: "g2g" Googler-to-Googler peer-to-peer learning platform, Google's global "Manager Communities" platform for manager development, for Google team development and CSI:Lab, one of Google’s flagship learning programs.

Currently Stephanie leads the EMEA Talent Management team at Netflix, and supports the business and wider Talent team (notably HR) by providing adaptable, fluid, agile talent development and learning strategies, from onboarding, to employee engagement and sentiment, personal growth, team cohesion, executive coaching and leader development, culture and feedback, people management.

Stephanie has also worked at McKinsey, Columbia University, Alcorn McBride, and QVC (you might have seen her on the occasional show). She is a trained professional actor, business mentor and executive coach.

Outside of work, Stephanie is from Belgium but was brought up in the USA, Germany, France, UK. Today, Stephanie has three sons and one daughter, who teach her lessons like she never imagined - thankfully, she is an insatiable, incredibly curious, lifelong learner.


26-May-2023 12:15 - 12:45