More and more people are realising that Emotional Intelligence plays a key role in anyone’s success. For a leader who aspires to greatness, being a master in this realm is essential for truly great leadership.

But what exactly is EI? And how do you do it? This webinar introduces you to six skills and abilities and explores how they can be developed and put to good effect.

You will see how varying levels of EQ play out in the daily realities of leading and interacting with people. You will hear about the sometimes shocking contrast in leadership efficacy between those that possess the six abilities and attendant skill sets and those that don’t.

We break down EI into its fundamental mechanics and show how you can apply them to everyday business leadership and indeed life in general. You will learn more about your own level of EQ, what you are good at, and which abilities you would like to develop.

Speakers , May 2019

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