“Our vision is to help leaders co-create innovative learning organisations”
Christophe Coutat, Founder & CEO, Advent Group

The MERIT Leadership Community is an international membership network designed for corporate HR, talent, and senior learning experts from various industries which permits them to connect, exchange experience, learn, stay updated, and enable each other to face challenges and create more efficient people, teams, and organisations.

Our mission is to create a community that brings people together from various sources, such as higher education institutions, practitioners, innovators, and thought leaders. The community also serves to share knowledge - individual experiences, business intelligence, and academic and non-academic research - to empower leaders and their organisations to reach strategic goals and make the most of in-house potential through learning, exchange, and benchmarking.


Who is the MERIT Leadership Community designed for?

All Merit Community members share the belief that organisational change and improvement can be achieved through learning-based initiatives, agile practices, new technologies, and a continued push towards creative solutions. 

Taking a community approach, Merit is designed for those who seek a professional group of peers with whom to fully exchange, learn about, and create opportunities and solutions.

We uniquely bring together and engage with three key kinds of actors:

  • Human Resources and Learning & Development directors as well as C-Level Executives
  • Learning providers and select consultants from learning start-ups/ed tech
  • Learning experts and thought leaders as well as leading business schools and universities


  • Exclusive professional HR / L&D / C-level network of like-minded peers to exchange ideas, share best practices, and co-create solutions to common challenges
  • Unique “hands-on” content featuring BI, latest trends, and research co-created by our members and an advisory board of experts in corporate learning and leadership
  • Variety of interactive and communicative formats: live networking, conferences, webinars, work groups, virtual discussions, tailored formats
  • Diversity of perspectives: corporate, academic, start-up, ed-tech, consulting / cross-industry / international in scope
  • Innovative and cutting-edge learning technologies, practices, and solutions delivered by engaging, informed, and charismatic presenters