How Can Businesses Address the Impacts of AI on Human Capital Management?

6-Nov-2023 14:50 - 15:10

AI is a general-purpose technology (GPT) with transformative applications across various industries and sectors: it is disrupting and will disrupt the world like oil or electricity did before it.Businesses are and will be affected by this ongoing technological revolution. According to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute, 30% of jobs in the US could be automated by 2030 (especially in customer service, administrative support, sales functions, etc.), on the one hand, and the demand for certain professions could also greatly increase (healthcare, care-related jobs, STEM professions, in particular).Faced with this transformation, companies must adapt, particularly in the management of their employees. Jérôme Barthélemy will focus on how companies can adapt to AI in managing their human capital. Which strategies should they follow? Which skills should they develop and promote? What are the mistakes to avoid?


Jérôme Barthélemy
Professor of Strategy and
Management | Head of Executive
Education , ESSEC Business School
Jérôme Barthélemy is professor of strategy and management at ESSEC Business School and the head of ESSEC Executive Education, the business division dedicated to working professionals and executives. Jérôme..
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