Embracing the Metaverse to Power Growth and Development

7-Nov-2023 11:30 - 12:45

Technology is driving us into the 4th industrial revolution led by AI, Blockchain, Microchips and Data (ABCDs) and our people need courageous leaders to help them embrace and leverage these amazing tools whilst keeping them front and centre of this monumental shift.  In this 60 minute workshop you will:-
  1. Discover the Metaverse and why it's so powerful.
  2. Explore how it can be applied to your business.
  3. Learn from brands who are currently embracing it.
  4. Experience the Metaverse first-hand.
  5. Visualise the opportunities that it’ll create.


Jeremy Peter Williams
Blockchain Expert | Senior Consultant , PeopleSmart SAS
Passionate about adding value to the world through boosted emotional intelligence throughout the business landscape to leveraging nascent technology such as AI and Blockchain, Jeremy has always had a deep fascination with the delicate balance between..
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