New AI skills Implementation for HR and Education Leaders

7-Nov-2023 13:45 - 15:00

As AI implementation becomes a priority, HR and education leaders face unique challenges and opportunities. This workshop will delve into the common obstacles encountered in adopting AI for workforce development and the strategies to overcome them. Participants will learn from real-world case studies and best practices to navigate the ethical, cultural, and organizational implications of AI integration. We will foster collaborative discussions to identify potential roadblocks and develop action plans for successfully leveraging AI to build a future-ready, agile, and skilled workforce.


Jeroen Rombouts
Professor I Director Accenture
Strategic Business Analytics
Chair, ESSEC Business School
Jeroen Rombouts has been Professor at ESSEC Business School since 2013. He is Director of the Accenture strategic business analytics chair. He obtained a PhD in econometrics in 2004, and as a full Professor of statistics and econometrics, he teaches..
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