Innovation in Action: A Custom Programme Co-Designed by Carrefour and HEC Paris

17-Jan-2018 12:55 - 13:15

This 3-day programme is aimed at top executives from the Carrefour Group and capitalises on the innovative Odyssey 3.14 approach developed by the HEC Professors Laurence Lehmann Ortega and Hélène Chanut-Musikas. The tailor-made “Learning Odyssey” focuses on three key areas - ideation, listening to customers, and making innovation happen. The programme was designed in collaboration with Carrefour in order to support the Group’s omnichannel strategy. On the first day, participants work on the ideation process in order to explore different types of innovation. They carry out exercises designed to help them break away from everyday work habits and to encourage them to think differently. The second day focuses on how to listen to customers more effectively and on how digital transformation has changed customer expectations. Carrefour executives also take part in a creative workshop with HEC Paris graduates who take on the role of this “new customer”. The aim of the workshop is to increase the awareness of clients’ and non-clients’ needs. Day three involves “making innovation happen” at a Fablab in Paris with the creation of a prototype based on ideas generated during the first two days. Using the raw materials available in the Fablab and working with different “makers” during a Makathon, ideas are transformed into reality.


Nicolas Lemoine
Executive Education Director , HEC Paris School of Management
Nicolas Lemoine is Executive Director at HEC Paris, in charge of Executive Education Custom Programmes.He previously held the position of President for Southern Europe, Middle East & Africa at AT&T for seven years.Before joining AT&T, he..
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