Learning in the Digital Age – Examples from Deutsche Telekom’s HR Unit “Digital & Innovation”

17-Jan-2018 11:45 - 12:00

The case study will introduce selected examples from Deutsche Telekom on how to turn a culture of corporate learning into one of digital learning. In addition to the conceptual framework, two specific examples from the company will be presented. The first one will showcase the in-house corporate online course (Magenta MOOC) as a new user-centric way of digital social learning. The second one will acquaint the audience with the Deutsche Telekom VR training app which shows how in-person training programmes can be replaced with new technologies.


Reza Moussavian
SVP Digital & Innovation (HR), Deutsche Telekom
Dr Reza Moussavian, Senior Vice President of the HR division “Digital & Innovation”, and his team are the central point of contact at Deutsche Telekom AG for any inquiries related to digitalisation and innovation in the HR sector...
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