Orange and Kedge Building Supply Chain Competences

16-Jan-2019 14:15 - 14:35

Kedge started to work with Orange on the Supply Chain Strategy before establishing a competency framework. Fundamental and advanced courses are delivered by Kedge faculty members and consultants in France and Orange subsidiaries in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Courses are delivered as presential courses or as distance learning modules, with the latter increasingly important. Moreover, participants may enrol on specific certification or professionalisation tracks evaluating their acquired competence level, as well as a personal assignment, usually a project they have undertaken. Kedge also created serious games for the actors of the Supply Chain organisation within Orange group.  


Gerald Lang
Professor, KEDGE Business School
Dr. Gerald Lang is Professor at KEDGE Business School and Academic Director of 2 Executive Programs (Global Supply Chain Management & Quality Management).  Prior to this, he held various positions as Strategy and Development Director and..
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Pary Arpoudam
Head of Reverse Logistics, Orange Group Supply Chain Centre of Excellence
Pary is a Result- driven Sourcing and Supply Chain professional with international work history and profound multicultural competencies. He joined the Global Procurement & Supply Chain organization at Orange in 2002 and contributed actively with..
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