SEB (Bank) Design Driven Innovation Programme

17-Jan-2019 13:50 - 14:10

While aiming to deliver world-class service (2025 vision), SEB, one of Northern Europe’s leading financial institutions, believes that entrepreneurial minds and innovative companies are key to creating a better world. As the Banking industry is under pressure from new competitors, technologies, and continually evolving customer demands, SEB wanted to find new ways of working and maintain a competitive advantage. The solution was to co-create a Train-the-Trainer Programme facilitated by the Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education. By utilising design thinking and service design theory, the programme managed to:  
  • Deep-dive into and experiment with Service Design
  • Create prototypes for solving actual business challenges
  • Examine Transformation Process techniques
  • Prepare participants to be future Service Design facilitators.
One year into the programme, the results are measured in increased competitiveness, changed mindsets, a better understanding and application of Service Design, and improved ways of working, internally and externally.


Anders Richtnér
Associate Professor and CEO, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) Executive Education
Anders Richtnér is associate professor and CEO of the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) Executive Education. He conducts his research at the House of Innovation and at the Center for Sports and Business at the SSE, in close co-operation with..
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