The Ego Paradox: The Bigger Our Ego, the Greater Our Vulnerability

16-Jan-2019 11:40 - 12:40

Paradoxically, by getting rid of our ego we become stronger, more resilient, authentic, fulfilled, and open-minded and, by extension, so do our organisations. By becoming more vulnerable, we actually nurture better relationships with the people around us and achieve maximum invulnerability. With egos being a very relevant aspect of corporate life, this paradox is fundamental in making our workplaces happier, more sustainable and successful. Contrary to popular belief, a strong ego does not equal a strong personality. A big ego actually makes us more vulnerable and our personal and professional lives more miserable. How is that so? What are egos exactly? How are they related to our identity? And how can we get rid of them? Neuroscience and social sciences are exposing the myths around egos. Come to our interactive session and learn the solution to this enigma.


Davide Pagnotta
Life and Executive Coach, Partner at the Rao Institute, The Rao Institute
Davide Pagnotta is a partner at the Rao Institute. He is responsible for managing operations in Europe as well as creating new content and services and bringing topics from Neuroscience and Physics into the Institute’s programmes.He..
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