15 June

Understanding Change – Society’s Greatest Need and Individual Challenge

15-Jun-2021 14:10 - 14:40

The need for change is pervasive. Society is facing global challenges that demand immediate action. These challenges are not new. Yet, progress is slow. Why? Fundamentally, because people are creatures of habits which are hard to change. Cognitive and emotional issues interact to make known choices preferred to novel solutions. This session will present evidence that identify some of the root causes behind resistance to change. On this basis, it will propose a learning and development format to leverage recent work in neuroplasticity and innovation sciences that supports change and transformation in individuals and organisations.


Stefano Brusoni
Professor of Technology
and Innovation Management, Co-Director EMBA - ETH Zurich
and University of
St.Gallen (embaX)
As a Professor of Technology and Innovation Management at D-​MTEC, Stefano’s work focuses on the analysis of the obstacles to innovation and change, at the individual and organizational level. He got his PhD in Science and Technology Policy..
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