15 June

The Must Haves of Collaboration and High Performance Teamwork in the New World

15-Jun-2021 15:15 - 16:20

As we spend so much of our time these days collaborating and working in teams online what are the vital elements of doing so successfully? Why is Psychological Safety so central to effective collaboration and high performance teamwork? What are the elements of those safe conditions that facilitate the best in teams? Do we need to think differently about team culture when we are virtual? In this workshop of discovery you can bring your stories to the conversation, share your best practices, expand your imagination about what's possible and help create new approaches to collaboration through creative exercises in a fun environment. You will get an opportunity to have a real experience of high performance during this workshop and leave with optimism and motivation to put your new insights into action.


Chris Pether
Founder and Managing Director, People Smart
Chris founded PeopleSmart in 2001. Having spent the first part of her career in various HR, commercial and general management positions, she had learnt to approach issues from the client’s perspective and focus on delivering an exceptional..
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