15 June

Talent Strategy for Success at Daiichi Sankyo

15-Jun-2021 16:30 - 17:00

Daiichi Sankyo’s first European Top Talent Programme (ETTP) was launched in March 2020, right at the start of the first COVID-19 outbreak on the continent. From a hybrid set-up made of virtual encounters and local workshops in Munich, Madrid, London and Rome, we had to re-think the whole journey both in terms of content and format to be able to meet our participants’ needs, which had considerably evolved at least from a short-term perspective, due to this unprecedented sanitary crisis. Yet the goals of this ETTP had remained the same: retain and develop our most promising current and future leaders to prepare them to take over more key leadership positions – and provide the company with a pool of pre-identified talents to fill open critical roles. In a nutshell: the “why” had remained the same, we just needed to envision a different “how”. And while the beginning was filled with uncertainty, 15 months after, we can safely say that this minimum viable virtual programme designed on the go, has been a success.


Charlotte Boujassy
HR L&D – Manager European
Talent Development, Daiichi Sankyo Europe
Charlotte Boujassy manages European talents programmes at Daiichi Sankyo Europe, where she is charge of the identification and development of pools of current and future leaders. She combines 10+ years of experience in learning & development..
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Jerry Pico
Director of HR Development for Europe, Daiichi Sankyo Europe
Jerry Pico is a strategic learning, leadership and talent management executive who is passionate about developing people, and the organisational capabilities to support them. He has led numerous culture change initiatives in three global..
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