16 June

Digital Escape Rooms by Deutsche Telekom

16-Jun-2021 14:45 - 15:15

Have you ever wondered how to instill a new strategy, foster virtual collaboration in 9 countries, involve 700 participants in times of uncertainty and make it fun at same time?  Then don’t miss this unique chance to get inspired by our journey on the first ever digital Escape Rooms within Deutsche Telekom; a virtual innovative experience where all teams learn, communicate and synchronize like never before and increase performance in a very short time while having FUN. We will talk about how our diverse team coped with several challenges that often pushed us outside our comfort zone. We will present what helped us grow up together as a team to perform in a different landscape and create a unique product. Finally, as this happening now, we will present how an enormous audience is embracing and perceiving the final outcome.


Yannis Koutroulis
Senior Leadership / HRD Consultant, Deutsche Telekom
Yannis Koutroulis is a Senior Leadership / HRD Consultant and Product Owner for Escape Rooms leading a team of consultants and external experts responsible for implementing and delivering this fresh and innovative initiative to Deutsche..
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