Real Inclusion: The key to staying alive and fit for future challenges

16-Jun-2022 16:55 - 17:55

We can define Inclusion in Organizations as “the processes that help everyone in the workplace feel valued and respected”. This is a key to creating a positive employee engagement experience. Those organizations that get this right will live and those that don’t will either die or get very ill! Listening to people, understanding and solving problems collectively, taking advantage of all the diverse experience – this is what makes an inclusive leader -and, therefore, an inclusive organization- successful. But it’s hard work and not as simple as it seems. Research shows that Inclusion has become:
  • A critical leadership skill needed for success in today's world.
  • A vital and powerful capability that gets the best out of a diverse organization and of each individual.
  • Necessary to navigate and succeed amidst the complex and fast changing web of interdependencies we deal with. 
What will you take away from this session?
  • Understanding of the impact that unconscious bias and stereotypes have on the creation of an inclusive environment
  • Discussing three common types of biases in the workplace: Affinity, Authority, and Confirmation
  • Concrete strategies to incorporate a more inclusive approach in your daily work  
This workshop will be highly energetic and interactive, filled with exercises, discussion, and breakouts.  


Ana Marhuenda
Senior Consultant, PeopleSmart
Ana is an international facilitator and coach with thirty years of experience. She started her career in the Audit & Accounting industry, working across Europe and the US. Ana is Spain-based, but operates globally with experience of working in..
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