Three Simple Yet Powerful Practices to Drive Organizational Agility

25-May-2023 15:55 - 16:30

Whether it's supply chain disruptions, the great resignation, AI coworkers, or something else, continued disruption is now just a way of life. How can we, as leaders, design teams that remain responsive and resilient in this environment? In this interactive workshop, organization design expert Max Sather (Chanel, PepsiCo, Adidas) and HR transformation lead Ana Gloria Sanchez (Bayer, L'Oréal) will share three simple practices that radically improve your organization’s ability to thrive in a dynamic, uncertain environment. You will leave with the powerful insights and actionable steps that Max coaches for his Fortune 500 clients - one of whom was Ana!


Ana Gloria Sanchez
HR Director Mediterranean, Louis Vuitton
Transformational Leader & Digital passionate: Building winning teams for the future17 years’ experience Leading Change in International Human Resources within the mass, luxury, pharma, retail & consulting market in Mexico, France, USA,..
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Max Sather
Co-owner And Agile Transformation Lead, August Public Inc.
Max is a co-owner and EMEA lead at August Public Inc. He combines team coaching, leadership development and org design to develop organizations that are capable of responding to the complexity and uncertainty of the 21st century.By designing simple..
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