Connecting Company Ambition and Individual Purpose. Working Well in the New World of Work

17-Jan-2019 15:10 - 15:40

Today’s leadership teams often fail to shape a climate based on knowledge sharing and positive behaviour. Leaders need to be able to tap into their business know-how and share it. This can prove more difficult than expected – our tacit knowledge evolves as we encounter new situations and many organisations fail to communicate this ingredient for success. The lever of feedback also often remains untouched. Young professionals tend to receive guidance but as they move on, the sources of valuable feedback fade away. To avoid this derailment, self-awareness is key. By connecting self-awareness with ongoing feedback from the team, leaders can (re-)develop behaviours that fit both the needs of the company and their personal beliefs. In this case study presentation, Wim will elaborate on connecting purpose and positive behaviour to obtain better business results. Building on neuro-scientific findings and people analytics, he proposes a leadership style based on climate control and positive psychology.


Wim Focquet
Human Resources and CSR Director, DPD
Wim Focquet is an experienced educator and consultant with a focus on talent management and coaching executives in a wide range of industries. He concentrates on helping organisations grow their business by growing the people inside and improving the..
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