Leading and Collaborating in the New World

9-Sep-2021 9:30 - 10:00

After the turmoil, our businesses are being tested. How will we lead people and organizations into the future? How will we make workforce transformation sustainable? How will we reinvigorate business and results? How will we heal our teams after all this…? First, companies are rebooting to balance purpose and profit and working for the long-term. Also, the race of re-skilling has already started and with transformation becoming an everyday reality, this journey is one of the biggest opportunities to deliver real results. To make this work, nurturing a science driven culture on HR is also a key for success. With data and digital transformation, we all have a lot of insights to work with. The challenge is how to harness this power to answer the questions that matter to business. And finally, employee experience should be more meaningful, nurturing a culture of empathy that will make companies more stimulating to work for.


Pedro Brito
Associate Dean for Executive Education
and Business Transformation, Nova SBE
Currently Associate Dean for Executive Education and Business Transformation at Nova SBE, Pedro is specialised in aligning Business Strategies with Human Resources policies in order to translate the corporate vision into competitiveness and growth...
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