Chris Debner

Strategic Global Mobility Advisory

Chris is an award-winning expert and MERIT Summit's consultant in the area of strategic global mobility.

With nearly 20 years of professional service experience being based in five countries, Chris has advised more than 100 companies in matters of making their mobile workforce management more strategic and agile. He has gathered experience with companies across all industries in 34 countries, among them 20 of the Dax 30.

Besides being a frequent speaker and contributor to publications on the future of the mobility function and other thought leadership topics, he helps companies to understand the trends and changes which impact their international workforce deployment and the development of successful strategies to align with them.

Chris is the former EY EMEIA leader for Mobility Advisory, Group Relocations and Global Employment Organisations.  He is now running his own advisory firm out of Switzerland with the objectives of aligning mobility programmes with company objectives and strategy, talent management, future market trends, challenges and culture.

Chris was awarded the 2015 Global Mobility Professional of the Year award by the Forum for Expatriate Management.