Christophe Coutat

Founder & Managing Director
Advent Group

Founder of Advent Group, an independent international media group specialised in the field of graduate business education, Christophe Coutat has been a constant source of innovative ideas to business schools around the globe. Based on his prior academic and professional experience in marketing and open communication with business schools he introduced the “One-to-One” event format a decade ago. Since then it has become the standard for recruitment of international talent for MBA and Master’s degree programmes.

Christophe has been directly involved in building relationships with over 200 top business schools around the globe to facilitate their outreach to qualified applicants internationally and provide efficient marketing and recruitment tools. Today Advent connects 150,000 qualified candidates with top business schools through the organisation of over 100 international events every year. Online events, publications, and marketing products connect a global audience of prospective students and business professionals with international education news and service providers every day.

Having successfully lead Advent Group through its rapid growth in service of the higher education sector, Christophe looks forward to sharing his perspective into its development and present day challenges.


17-Jan-2018 8:45 - 9:00


The Talent to Innovate Vs. the Talent to Process

17-Jan-2018 9:40 - 10:10