Teresa Ramos Martin

Director Technology and Innovation
IE Business School

Teresa has over 23 years of professional experience leading global teams in the area of information technology in three of the largest telecommunications companies worldwide: British Telecom, Vodafone and Telefónica.

She began her professional career in basic research with British Telecom in the United Kingdom. Subsequently, she worked on the deployment of fixed and mobile telephony networks and in the 3G auction in Germany. She collaborated in the creation and market access of O2, and coordinated the IT departments of its European subsidiaries.

At Vodafone, she successfully led the mobile health programme (eHealth) worldwide. She was responsible for global technical careers and led innovation and creativity workshops around the world at Infineon, a chip and semiconductor company. Then, she took charge of the areas of programme management, pre-sales, and marketing in a start-up.

Teresa was responsible for the deployment of IT services, first for Telefónica Germany and later for Telefónica Digital globally.

In parallel, she founded her own company and began working as a consultant in technology and digital transformation and leadership training and coaching.
She currently combines her work as a consultant in digital transformation, agile companies and digital leadership with being the director of the Innovation and Technology programme at IE University.

Having lived many years in Germany and the United Kingdom, she speaks fluent Spanish, English and German and feels as much at home in the German and British cultures as in her native Spanish one.