Alex Kotsos

HR Director
Brown Bag Films

Alex is passionate about diversity in the workplace and her own mixed-culture background helps her to adapt to understanding and working with differences in the work environment. Her goal is for all people to have engaging, challenging, and therefore rewarding work.

Her professional career started in 1999 in a Danish firm, Novo Nordisk, and this time remains one of the highlights of her working life. At Novo Nordisk she learnt to deal with people with respect, care, and empathy as well as to understand the need to be commercially aware of an organisation's bottom line.

Although she didn't finish her degree, she doesn't consider this a barrier to success for herself or anyone else. She is grateful to her manager at Novo Nordisk, a believer in developing potential, for giving her the opportunity that changed her life. She believes that staying up to date in her industry is hugely important, not just in terms of employment law but also in terms of research in areas such as organisational design. She spends a lot of her free time reading and learning about different ways of enabling success.

She hopes that she can now make a “pay it forward” contribution for the chance she was given. She aims to develop everyone's potential rather than being restrictive or discriminating due to background or lack of educational opportunity or success.