Victoria Feldman

Global Leadership
Development Manager

Victoria is a global leadership development manager and a certified leadership coach. She currently works at Uber and is responsible for designing, developing, and rolling out leadership development strategies for more than 1,000 frontline leaders all over the world.

She has over 10 years of experience helping organisations such as Facebook, Paypal, Visa, Bank of the West, and other Fortune 500 companies to optimise their people strategies. She has helped organisations increase cross-functional collaboration on a global scale, improve employee experience, optimise knowledge management processes, and transform company culture.

With a true passion for people development, Victoria coaches leaders and entrepreneurs to realise their potential and reach their professional goals.

Victoria is a multicultural citizen of the world. She has lived in Russia, Israel, France, the UK, and the USA, travelled to more than 80 countries, and speaks five languages fluently. She has an MA from Edinburgh University in International Business and MSc in Management Consulting from Paris Dauphine University.