Sylvie Papillon

VP International Learning

Sylvie Papillon has been working on the corporate learning programmes of Thales since 2002, and she has served as the company’s VP for International Learning for three years, supported by a team of over 100 learning experts all over the world.

Sylvie has always ensured a strong link to the business. She has spearheaded new leadership development initiatives for various of the company’s global business units, plus many other programmes, from business development, marketing, sales, strategy, finance, and human resources to key technologies. She is responsible for creating impactful programmes that instil shared standards and values and develop innovation while recognising diversity in multinational teams.

The learning programmes at Thales create a strong employee value proposition, promoting professional development and international mobility. Under Sylvie’s leadership, Thales Learning Hub – formerly Thales University – has been keeping the group’s employees prepared in the face of technological change and the evolution in ways of working in the digital era. Her deep experience has made her an expert in the ways L&D supports profitable growth and sustainability in large organisations today.