Sabine Weishaupt

Chapterlead Future Leadership Design
Deutsche Telekom

Sabine is passionate about empowering, encouraging and energizing people to grow for success and happiness. In her current role she is heading Deutsche Telekom’s global team of leadership development, learning and transformation consultants. Her team is a diverse and international group of people spread over 10 countries and with a broad range of backgrounds from engineering to sales to HR. Under her leadership the team develops large scale development programs as well as short learning interventions in an experimental approach whilst pushing the digitization strategy of the company.

As an experienced HR Professional in the fields of HR management, HR development, project management and organizational management, Sabine has held various leadership positions mainly in HR and organizational development in the course of more than 25 years serving and learning in different segments such as B2C, B2B, Service, corporate functions. 

As for her academic background she holds a degree in administration science as well as a degree in management with a specialization in leadership and organizational development added by training and coaching expertise.

Currently she is an enthusiastic learner in the areas of quantum physics, neuroscience and singing. Sabine lives with her family near Bonn, Germany.