Brandy Aven

Associate Professor
Tepper School of Business,
Carnegie Mellon University

Brandy Aven is an associate professor in Organisational Theory, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship at the Tepper School of Business, Carnegie Mellon University. She has a PhD in Sociology from Stanford University.

Her research investigates social factors that facilitate or undermine the ability of individuals to coordinate. She focuses on network relations, employing methods such as content analysis, historical data, and experimental approaches. Substantively, Ms Aven’s main areas of interest are fraud and entrepreneurship. Her latest publications include “Lay Theories of Networking Ability: Beliefs that Inhibit Instrumental Networking” and “The Valley of Trust: The Effect of Relational Strength on Monitoring Quality”.

Brandy Aven is the receiver of multiple awards for teaching and research. Her work has been covered internationally by National Public Radio, The Atlantic, Forbes, Bloomberg, and more.