Peter Ivanov

Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author
Virtual Power Teams

Peter Ivanov is an award-winning speaker, executive coach, and virtual teams expert. His book Virtual Power Teams has been translated into six languages – English, German, Bulgarian, Polish, Spanish, and Chinese, and reached no. 3 on Amazon in the category “international management”. He has spoken at multiple corporate events, congresses, and fairs. He has also been featured in the business weekly Wirtschafts Woche and in Manager magazine in Germany. Peter specialises in helping executives retain their organisations’ cohesion and deliver top performance in spite of geographical distance. Before embarking on his career as a coach over 7 years ago, Peter was Head of IT Services for Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for a global corporation. As an athlete, Peter has won international awards for javelin and discus throw, including European Vice Champion in discus throw in 2015. He is also the father of five little girls.